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In the case of an emergency or in exceptional circumstances, your emergency contact would be required to pay for and resolve any extraordinary issues that may arise with your pets/and or home that need to be attended to in your absence.

For example:

1. Vet bills beyond your authorised limit where you cannot be contacted.

2. Unforeseen damage to your home due to:


Wear and Tear (eg. Hot water service failure, electrical fault, burst pipe etc.

- Weather Events (e.g. Roof Damage, Flooding etc.)

- Any other Unexpected situation requiring attention in your absence that we are not able to, or authorised to, resolve. 

Emergency Contact 1:

Please nominate any family member of close friend. 

Emergency Contact 2:

Please nominate someone who lives in Melbourne 

* Please notify these people that you have nominated them as emergency contacts for communication from Sit & Stay in the event of an emergency.

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For Sit & Stay Clients Only

If you have Wifi Internet, may we have access to it?

If you answered Yes, could you please provide the following details:

If you answered Yes, could you please provide the following details:

Pets Details

If you have several pets, please fill out the below information with all pets details. 
It should look something like this -
'Pets Name's -
Meow and Woof' 'Pets Birthdays - Meow - 01/01/2010 & Woof - 10/10/2008'
'Pet's Dislikes - Meow is scared of plastic bags and Woof does not like blow fly's' 
Please make sure you refer to each pet by their name throughout this form. 

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