About Us

Sit & Stay understand the guilt that comes from having to leave behind your beloved pets.

Whether it be for Business, Leisure or even Illness, life happens and that’s why we are here to care for your best-friends and your home when you are unable to.


​Whatever the commitment may be, our sitters are here to lend a hand and provide peace of mind.

Sit & Stay is a small business who offer Pet Minding and House sitting services in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We have lots of experience with large and small animals of all kinds - Furry, Wooly, Feathered or Finned. 

Whether you have one dog or a hobby farm of animals, Sit & Stay specialise in care for all, Great and Small.
As pet owners ourselves we understand holidays, work, illness and social commitments are a part of life and can be quite stressful when trying to make arrangements for your animal dependents.

At Sit & Stay we strive to provide the highest level of care for all animals.

In order for your pets to be most comfortable & relaxed when your hands are tied or if you need to go away, we believe that care in their own environment is best. 

The bonus of care in your own home is the security of a car in the driveway and the lights on while you’re required elsewhere.

At Sit & Stay we understand the value of caring for a home and our sitters will always respect your space and pets as if they were their own and will always follow your house rules and the guidelines you have for your special friends.


Your pets general well being is our biggest priority.
We manage everything from food and exercise to medications.


​Each of our clients have different requirements and therefore our services are flexible to suit the specifications you have for your pets.

​As well as caring for your extended family members, our sitters undertake household tasks such as collecting the mail, taking rubbish bins out for collection and watering the garden. 
Anything that you require can be arranged.

We provide 100% obligation free quotes and meet and greets.

Personalised bookings can be arranged via our social media pages,  email or through our site. 


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