Here are some of our most common questions

Can you give me an idea on price?

Our charges depend on several variables: 

  • Your Location.

  • The number of pets you require care for.

  • The type of pets (e.g. 2 dogs and 1 bird).

  • The care requirements for your pets  - i.e. number of walks for the dog, number of visits for ‘Sit’ Services or number of nights for ‘Stay’ Services.

  • Extra requirements for your pet (e.g. My dog requires medication 3 times a day.)

As each of our clients have different circumstances, we never charge the same rate for each person. If you’re after an indication on price, the best way for us to provide this to you is if you fill out our quote form. 

We also reserve the right to amend a quote upon meeting your pets if we deem that the pets have special needs or require extra care i.e. difficult medication or routines.


Do you have availability for my dates?

We may! Check out our homepage for our availability calendar (make sure you scroll down to the bottom!)

If you're unsure if we can help, please feel free to fill out a quote form and we will get back to you ASAP. 


What’s the process for making a booking for one of your Services?

  1. Fill out our quote form on our website -  

  2. We then provide you with a personalised quote for your consideration via email.

  3. If you are happy with the quote we provide, the next step is for us to organise to meet with you and your fur babies at your home for a 30 minute Meet and Greet appointment - obligation free. This is a time where you can ask us any questions and will allow us to grab any further details about your pets care. We will also provide you with some paperwork that we will get you to fill out if you decide to book with us. Most importantly this appointment is to make sure you feel comfortable with us before confirming any future booking.

  4. Once we hear from you to confirm a booking we will then send you an invoice via email for a non - refundable deposit of 20% to secure your spot.

  5. Roughly 1 week before the service starts we will organise to meet with you again so we can discuss any final details, pick up your paperwork and organise keys/ access to your property etc.

  6. The remaining payment for your booking is due 7 days prior to the service start date. 


How long is my quote valid?

Your quote is only valid for 3 days from the Quote date, unless we have organised to meet with you, in which case your quote will be valid until 7 days after our meet and greet appointment. The service time frame will not be air-marked for you until we have organised a Meet and Greet Appointment. 

Unfortunately because we are so busy with enquiries and appointments, we do not keep dates air-marked (saved) for clients. We have a first in best dressed policy which means - whoever is willing to pay their deposit first will secure the time frame.



What Suburbs do you cover?

Due to work and study requirements we have certain suburbs we cannot service.
We service the below list of suburbs with no issues, however, if you live in a suburb not on this list, please still feel free to fill in our quote form as each quote request is assessed on a case by case basis depending on your location and time of year you require our services.

If you are still unsure whether we can service your area please feel free to get in touch. 

Our services cover within 10 kms of Ringwood East VIC, 3135
For each km that exceeds this radii you will be charged an extra 50c per km up until 25km’s. From 25km’s an extra $1 per km will be charged, per day or night, depending on the type of service you require.







Why do you charge travel fees? 

Despite us spending quite a lot of time with your pets, we do charge travel fees as we have jobs and university we need to attend to during the week. We need to cover the costs for our fuel, tolls and wear and tear on our vehicles. 



Can I bring my pet to your home?

No,  at the moment we only provide services in your home, we believe this is where pets are their most comfortable as they are able to stay in their own routine. We hope to offer care in our home in the future. 


Do you only care for Dogs?

The short answer is - No.

Dogs are the pets we get the most requests for, however we also have cared for many other animals - Sheep, Chickens, Pet Birds, Rabbits, Mice, Fish (indoor and pond), Guinea pigs, Reptiles, Turtles, Goats, Horses, Ducks, Geese and many more.

We open our arms to all animals.

Please note: Due to allergy reasons we cannot stay with Cats. 



What is the Payment Process?

A non-refundable 20% deposit is required upon confirming a booking.

The service time frame will not be booked to you until the deposit has been received. 

The remaining balance is to be paid in full 7 days prior the start of the service. 

Invoices are usually sent via email, however, if you do not have access to email a hard copy can be mailed to you.


What Payment methods are accepted?

Bank Transfer or Cash. 



What must I provide for my pet?

Our job is to care for your pets within their own environment so that they have access to their own bedding, food and routines.

In saying this, Sit & Stay will not provide any food or animal care necessities, this includes disposables such as replacement straw for a guinea pig hutch etc.

It is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide the correct amount of food and extra animal necessities for the length of our stay with your pet.

Failure to provide your pet with appropriate food and extra necessities with result in and 10% surcharge on top of our out of pocket expenses for your pet which will be invoiced to you at the end of our stay.

This must be paid within 7 working days. 



Will my pet be alright once I leave?

Yes. Animals are incredibly intelligent and tend to pick up on their owner’s tensions, worries and stress.

Most times we find people will say that their dogs may fret, however the tension and fretting is mostly on the owner’s part. We commonly find that once the owner leaves and their animals are greeted by us they soon forget their worries. 



How much time will you spend with my pet during a Stay?

As we work and study we are generally away during the day any time between 9-5pm. However this does vary as our hours can vary also. 
We are always home with your pets of an evening and in the morning for lots of playtime and cuddles. We can discuss this further with you during a meet and greet session if required.


Do you have a Police Check?

Yes, we both have undergone National Police Checks. 

Proof can be provided upon request. 


How long are you able to care for my pet? 

As long as you need, subject to our availability/personal circumstances.

Our jobs vary, anything from 1 night of care to a month of care is very normal for us. 

Most of the time we don’t have any restrictions on the length of our stay. Except for peak periods - i.e School Holidays and Christmas where we ask that stays are no shorter than 7 nights.

If you need us within these times for shorter periods (e.g. 3 nights) please be aware that we will charge for a minimum of 7 nights. 


'I need you to stay later to feed my pets as we wont be returning home from our trip until the late evening. Is this something that can be organised?' (Stay Clients Only)

Yes, however If you require us to stay with your pets after 12pm on the day of your return, please know we will charge for an extra night of care. We begin new Stay Jobs from 12pm. If we stay with your pets until late in the evening we will need to reorganise ourselves if we have another job beginning on the day of your return.

What happens if we need to cancel?

The deposit for your service is non-refundable.

In the event of a cancellation, we require written notification of your cancellation 1 week (7 days) in advance of the scheduled first day of service.

If the cancellation is given less than 7 days before the scheduled service, a cancellation fee will be charged equal to 30% of the remaining balance owed.

Exceptions are made for individuals effected by exceptional circumstances i.e. - Family Hardship, Death or Illness. 


How frequently will I get updates on my pet? 

Updates are given roughly every day for short services or every second/third day for longer services. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

Do you offer discounts? 

Sorry no. We have so much interest in our services that we are always putting people on a waiting list. 


Have a question not covered in this list?

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