A 'Stay' service involves day and night pet care

Each 'Stay' service is Overnight


What this service includes:

  • The peace of mind that someone is living in your home to deter thieves.

  • All Feeds.

  • Fresh water top ups of bowls, buckets or baths.

  • Endless playtime and attention for your pet. 

  • Letting pet outdoors or out of their pen or cage.

  • Cleaning of cage, fish tank or mucking pen. Picking up after any business and disposing of waste. 

  • Blanketing of horses and brushing of any or all pets. 

  • Tidying up of any accidents that we see. 

  • Administration of supplements or medication.

  • Bringing in mail, newspaper or packages.

  • Watering of indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Taking out and bringing in rubbish bins. 

  • 1 photo and text/social media update of your pet daily.

  • 1 x 15 Minute walk per day (for dogs) if required.

Any extra requirements can be discussed. 

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